1. LLC Ksivalue provides genotyping and bioinformatics services described in the customer invoice.
  2. 100% prepayment must be conducted within 10 working days from the customer invoice date.
  3. Service prices do not include VAT as LLC Ksivalue is a VAT free organisation.
  4. Service execution period is 40 working days from the date of prepayment receipt.
  5. Service results are provided online on the app.ksitest.ru website.
  6. After providing service results, LLC Ksivalue files an Act of Acceptance to the customer within 5 working days.
  7. After receiving an Act of Acceptance customer must sign it within 10 working days or provide a motivated refusal with necessary improvements. LLC Ksivalue must eliminate all improvements stated in motivated refusal within 10 working days. After LLC Ksivalue eliminated all improvements, it files an Act of Acceptance.
  8. If the Act of Acceptance is not signed and motivated refusal is not provided within 10 working days, service is considered provided in full.